Well, my first real post and it’s about that thing we English like to talk about – the weather.

Yesterday saw some of the worst weather I can remember. With winds of up to 80mph, things being pulled off buildings, roads being closed, public transport being cancelled. It was quite an exciting day, with me being worried about whether my house was alright and whether I would be able to get home from work fine. I didn’t particularly fancy swimming across the Mersey in gale force winds!

One of my friends in work thought it was quite funny driving to work in the wind, until the car in front’s rear window shattered due to the wind. Then he got even more worried when it felt like his car was going to go up onto two wheels. My answer – buy a bigger car then! You’re not going to see a Hummvee rolling due to wind!

Plenty of reports all day about shop windows in town simply smashing and most of the shops closing. Emails going around work telling us not to leave the building due to the danger of being blown into the Dock off the bridge. Quite funny watching other people try to walk around, and watching all the metal fencing around the new Stadium being built at King’s Dock being blown over and the workmen trying to re-erect in the middle of a gale.

Here’s some pictures then to show you the extent of what the weather was like (shamelessly pilfered from the Liverpool Echo website, showing New Brighton on the Wirral, and a couple from Liverpool):

A New Beginning!

Well I’ve decided to start a blog.

‘Why?’ you may ask. Well a few things really. Somewhere to place my thoughts about life, somewhere to share anecdotes, a chance to show the kind of person I am to a wider audience and also mainly because some of my friends have started blogs and I don’t want to be left out!

So what for this first post? Well – not a lot at it happens. Stuck in work in not-so-sunny Liverpool with the wind and rain crashing down outside, it’s hard to find inspiration. That can only come with time and patience.

Don’t worry as time goes on I will be making this more of a multimedia extravaganza! Pictures, videos, music – it will all be added, along with comments on the world as I see it.

As for now, thoughts have left me. So I’ll leave it for now and post more later when I actually find something to write about.

Not that different, but interesting all the same.