Hmm – why the long face?

I have no idea why I haven’t updated in such a long time. Well, actually that is a complete and utter lie. It’s because I’ve been rather busy and when I have had free time, I’ve not really wanted to post here.

But for some reason I got the urge tonight….

So, what is going on with my life then?

  1. I have been doing my PGCE in Applied ICT since last September
  2. I’m enjoying it sometimes, but hating the paperwork and the pressure
  3. I’ve since been on holiday to Sweden and can’t wait for the summer holidays so I can go away again!
  4. I was in a pantomime and wore a dress :-S – pictures are on my Flickr profile….
  5. I’m currently on my second placement at Bebington High Sports College and I quite like the place. Despite my initial worries, it’s not a bad place.
  6. I will at some point take over the World. Mark my words….
  7. My front room will eventually get decorated fully. 🙂

Other than that not a lot going on. Applying for jobs, trying to find my feet and figure out if I have made the right choices.

2 thoughts on “Hmm – why the long face?”

  1. argh thanks you know were th best scool ever haha lol i hope u ave realised who this is lol im so bore and will sent me a link lol cya on monday lol

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