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World Of Warcraft Movies

What’s this? Two posts in two days from me? Well yeah…. Don’t know what that means. Anyway, it’s another meaningless and pointless post with some videos in. This time they probably won’t mean anything unless you play World Of Warcraft. I’ve picked a few videos that actually have a story to them, so you may enjoy them even if you don’t play the game. Anyway onwards to the videos:


The Brothers Tauren 2

Night Of The Living Dead 3

Illegal Danish: Super Snacks


Fancy Sharing Your Stuff?

Basically this post is about a few techy things that I’ve found useful recently.

In work I often find the need to access my PC. Now previously I used a combination of TightVNC and obscure port forwarding on my home router to get past the corporate firewall that I am encumbered with in work.

Now that has all changed with me finding out about a new service called Logmein. Basically you log in via a normal secure website and one of the services is a remote control facility. Obviously for this to work you need to have the server installed on your PC, but it is literally a five minute exercise in going to the website, setting up your free account and downloading and installing the server software. The server sits in your System Tray and makes an outbound connection to the Logmein servers, so there is no need to set up any port forwarding whatsoever. When accessing it remotely, the website simply installs an activex control into Internet Explorer or a plugin into Firefox.

It’s as simple as that.

The other thing I want to talk about is a thing called Orb. Now this is fantastic. Basically it turns your PC into a big streaming media station. You set up your free account, install the server software on your PC and then configure the folders with the videos/pictures/music/documents that you want to be able to access.

You then log into the orb website and you can access all these files. The beauty of it is that when viewing a video or music it will transcode on-the-fly into Windows Media format or flash, so allowing you to stream from your home PC to another PC anywhere on the Internet. The streaming quality is dictated by the upstream bandwidth you have available on your home PC, but even at a low bitrate of 250kb/s I found video perfectly watchable and certainly much better quality than the likes of Dailymotion/Youtube. Music was perfect quality and saves having to find an Internet radio station that plays the kind of music that you like, as you have access to your complete music library.

I heartily recommend both of these programs.


TightVNC – remote control software
Logmein – remote control software
Orb – media streaming software

My First Film Post!

So I’ve been wondering what my next blog post should be about and I decided that it should be about the films that I’m looking forward to this year.

First of all we have ‘300’. It’s based on a graphic novel by Frank Miller (who also wrote/drew Sin City) which is loosely based on the Battle of Thermopylae (480 BC). In this battle 300 Spartans, 400 Thebans and 700 Thespians held off the entire Persian army (between 60,000 and 120,000), causing severe losses to the Persians. The stuff of legends! (well it is now anyway.)

Next we have Transformers. Robots in Disguise! Now, Transformers is one of those things that if you were a boy growing up in the 80s you loved. I remember well, watching the cartoons, loving the ideas of big robots blowing stuff up that could then change into vehicles. In fact I have a secret to admit that I own the whole first series of the cartoon on DVD along with the animated movie…. I’m not really that sad – honest! This film looks like it deviates from the original toys quite a bit in design, but I’m hoping it is something special.

Last for now is Spiderman 3. Not much to say, other than initial looks make it look as good as the first two. Should be good!

I’ve noticed that this post only shows films with lots of action. When I hear about some other ‘quieter’ films that catch my eye that are coming out this year, I’ll be sure to post about them.