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And relax……

So I’m classing today as my first ‘proper’ day of the summer holidays and luckily God appears to have answered my prayers for sun!

So what have I done with this wonderful first day of the holidays? Well I’ve been cleaning the kitchen and have given myself a 20 minute break to go for a coffee in town.

Living the dream! I think this being off might be harder work than being in work.

All Change

Yesterday I told work I was leaving this Friday….

Why? You may ask.

Because I’m embarking on a PGCE (Post-Graduate Certificate in Education) course this coming Monday. This will be a full-time course, and to be honest, I don’t think part-time hours will be very do-able in conjunction with me having to actually do some work.

Hopefully this time next year I be worrying about starting a new job as an ICT (Information and Communications Technology) teacher in a school.

I’ll post more after Monday. Maybe a few photos of the campus. I also need to post about Gav and Savanna’s wedding once I get round to uploading all the photos.


I’ve realised that I’ve not posted for a while so thought I’d better post with what’s going on in my life. Not that many people probably read it anyway….

I’ve realised that to do all the things that I need to do this year I need to supplement my income somehow. The only way open to me at the moment is overtime. Basically my ethos with it is hammer it early on this year and then I don’t have to do any (or very little) later on in the year. That should get me all the money I need in about another 3 months.

Ah well. Can’t think of anything else to write now.

So what’s going on in my life?

So I haven’t posted for a few days, so thought it was about time I made another post.

It’s not going to be another multimedia one due to me posting this from work and Youtube now being blocked on the proxy (Why? Oh why do you do these things to me?)

So life, hmm yes…. Not feeling at my best at the moment. A word of advice, if the company you work for decides to outsource your job function and TUPE you out to work for someone else, look for another job as soon as possible. The likelyhood is that even though you will have equivalent terms and conditions of employment with the new employer, you will not be treated in the same way. Not going to go into more details, but let’s just say I’m not happy with my work situation.

Outside of work? Well that’s ok. Church is good. Having good times with friends when work doesn’t interfere (late shifts are a killer.)

Can’t think of much else to write now. I’ll probably come back and do some kind of ninja edit once my head has cleared a bit.