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Going, going,

Gone! – my blog is now going to be both updated and hosted by myself personally at

I didn’t want to move to Blogspot hosting it and as FTP hosting is being removed I guess I’ll be one of those 0.5% of people that are being affected!

So I’ve moved over to WordPress and imported my existing posts (not that there’s a lot there anyway)


So I was sat on the bus to work (rail replacement bus – argh! made me late again!) and I was listening to an old album I’ve got by a singer called Plumb called Candycoatedwaterdrops and as I was listening a song called Phobic really spoke to me. So I’ve decided to post the lyrics….

I watched you sit alone
I watched you cry your eyes out
Now tell me what you’ve done

Is it so bad that
I would shut you out
And leave you here alone

Yes, I saw what you did
I was right there with you
I won’t let you sink
No, I forgive you

Don’t be
Grace needs a little more freedom
Don’t be
Love needs room to breathe

I have watched you grow
And I’ve stood in your shadow
I’ve never walked away

I hung the stars and
I hold your heart
So, don’t ever be afraid

Yes, I know when you breathe
And I feel when you need
I won’t let you sink
No, I forgive you

You can be healed
You can be free
You can know peace
Never be afraid again

Never be afraid
Never be afraid
He’s here

At some point I will get round to posting about my holiday to Australia (with photos, etc) and will post about the Gathering Max that I went to yesterday. But that’s it for now.